Supra MMA 400 (T) & 630 (T)

Supra MMA 400 (T) & 630 (T) fully thyristorised MMA welding rectifier is built using advanced, solid state technology, designed to meet the most stringent demands of high quality radiographic welding. Ideal for fabrication industries including Nuclear Power Plants, Chemical Process Plants, Defence, Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Mining, Structural Fabrications and others.


Thyristor Controlled three phase Rectifier, Wheel Mounted, Fan Cooled, Flexible for use with a wide range of electrodes-Rutile, Basic, Cellulosic etc.,for welding all kinds of materials like M.S, S.S, Non-ferrous and other alloys
Hot Start facility for easy arc striking
Hot Start facility for easy arc striking
Immune to voltage fluctuations, with built-in overload and thermal cut out protections
Since the output waveform is more constant, it has a better welding characteristic
MMA welding rectifier
Supra MMA 400 (T) & 630 (T) table