Supra SAW 1000

This Welding Power Source is a multi-function power source with constant-voltage and constant current characteristics. In addition to submerged welding, it can also be used as a welding power source for stick welding, carbon arc air gouging, electro-slag welding and high diameter wire GMAW/FCAW.


Due to digital display, the operator finds it easy to view current and voltage
An auto power-off switch gets activated, when the machine is not in use for more than 30 minutes, thus in turn saving power cost
The machine can run on two-speed
mode – variable and constant
PWM is used for adjusting the speed (wire feed and welding tractor travel), so that the speed is not affected by the input voltage and environmental
The power source can be used for multiple functions: SAW, MMAW, Carbon arc gouging, GMAW, FCAW and Electro-slag welding
Very reliable weld quality