Importance of Welding for Metal Art-work

Published on 08 September 2022
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Metal is no different from any other form of art of designing and building. In different forms of art, artists use colors, brushes, wood, etc. The same thing happens with metal art where artists play with different metals to make sculptures, sleek appliances, making jewelry, etc. 

Welding and metal art are dependent on each other. For metal artwork welding plays an important role because sometimes there is a need to join two metal pieces together which can be done smoothly with the welding process only and this is why welding is called an art. Metal welding is a very complex and technical process that helps artists to create exotic shapes and structures. 

The Basic knowledge every metal artist should have is which machine can weld what kind of metal, what filler wire/ consumable is required to join the pieces together. If everything fits together as planned it will give the best quality of weld where the artist doesn’t need to think about the breaks. 

There are three types of welding process which are generally opted by metal artists which are, shielded metal arc welding (SMAW or Stick Welding), Gas metal arc welding (MIG) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW/TIG) processes. 

In SMAW or Stick welding, the cost of the machine is comparatively low, temperature control needed to be adjusted according to the need which can give good quality beads on steel.

Another way is through MIG or GMAW process which is again a popular way to weld here the machine uses a spool of small diameter wire which is automatically fed through the welding gun argon and argon mix gasses are used to keep atmospheric contamination away from the weld, it gives a high-quality weld and especially recommended for precision welding.

TIG or Gas tungsten arc welding is another process that helps metal artists to work on steel aluminum and other nonferrous metals, it is a difficult process to master, but once learned it will give the highest quality of the weld among these three processes.

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