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Published on 20 September 2022
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Supratherme is a product that is developed for shielded metal arc welding or stick welding process, it is coated with a flux that helps in preventing the welded area or weld pool from getting contaminated from the external environment.In SMAW or stick welding process no external shielding is required to prevent the weld area. The machine for which SMAW welding is done works on both alternating current (AC) as well as on direct current (DC), this current supply helps in producing arc which helps in joining the metal pieces together. 

Supratherme product is designed for medium and high tensile steel, this kind of electrode is a build-up of steel alloys with ultimate tensile strength, here the compressive strength is lower than the tensile strength if we compare that. Medium and high tensile’s weldability is higher than the major types of steel, such as mild steel and it is also less ductile than mild steel. 

Supratherme is built according to the standards of the American welding society where its AWS code is E7018. Supratherme is an iron powder kind of heavy coated low hydrogen electrode that produces a radiographic quality of welds in boilers, pressure vessels, and heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading. An interesting fact about this electrode is that it has a metal recovery rate of 115%. 

It won’t be wrong to say that Supratherme is among the star products of D&H Secheron because it can work on heavy structures which are subject to dynamic loading & impact, highly restrained joints, wagons, coaches, penstocks, boilers, pressure vessels, earthmoving machines, mining equipment, etc.

Supratherme’s chemical composition is carbon, Manganese, and silicon which helps welders to get a friendly appearance on welding. Supratherme got several approvals from CE, EIL, PDIL, BIS, ABS, BHEL, BV, DNV, IRS, LRA, NTPC, CIB-MP, NPCIL, L&T Power, Reliance, Indian Navy and Adani infra. Supratherme is serving most industries and earned the tag of a quality product. 

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