Published on 11 October 2022
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Supratherme SPL is a shielded metal arc welding electrode that is capable of producing a great variety of welds. In the SMAW process, the electrode utilizes a fixed length and a power source to join different kinds of metal. The core of Supratherme-SPL is covered with a solid metal rod whose chemical composition consists of carbon, manganese, and silicon

This core rod conducts electric current to the arc and later becomes the filler metal for the joint. Major functions of the electrode covering are to give arc stability and to shield the weldment or the weld pool from atmospheric gases. Supratherme-SPL is an iron powder, low hydrogen basic quoted electrode which gives the welder a good strike rate, it produces tough and ductile weld metal and gives radiography quality welding. Supratherme(Spl) is easy to operate in all conventional welding positions. Due to its radiographic quality welds provide excellent cracking resistance. Ideally, it is suited for welding carbon steels used in the construction of equipment subjected to heavy dynamic load, impact, and severe service conditions in sour gas service. Supratherme-SPL’s excellent impact strengths even at -50 degrees Celsius. Supratherme-SPL is built according to the American welding society’s (AWS) code E7018-1 and got approvals from several organizations like Conformite Europeenne, Engineers India Limited, Projects, and Development India Limited, American Bureau of Shipping, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, CIB-MP, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, L&T Power, Reliance and Adani Infra. 

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