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LoTherme - 711

Machinable weld deposit, low heat input electrode, suitable for crack- free joining of cast Iron to steel.


LoTherme-711 produces high-strength, machinable welds. Weld deposits are even crack-free on joints of cast iron to steel and overlays on grey and alloy cast irons. A stable arc and evenly rippled, smooth beads are some of the many pleasant features of the electrode.


LoTherme-711 is used for welding grey cast iron, malleable iron, and S.G. Iron, for welding cast iron to steel and to nickel alloys, for repair welds, and rectification of defects in castings. Typical applications include engine heads, pump castings, impellers, rope drums, and a variety of cast iron machine parts. It is ideal for welding heavy and highly stressed cast iron sections.

Typical Mechanical Properties Of All Weld Metal

Ultimate Tensile Strength 

420 MPa
Weld Metal Hardness 
190 BHN 

Welding Technique

Re-dry the electrode at 150°C for one hour before use. For joining bevel the edges to 75-90° in a single or double 'Vee' groove according to the thickness of the parts. For repair of cracks, drill holes at the two ends of the crack to arrest its further propagation. Remove entire cracked material to sound metal by chipping, gouging, or machining. Clean the weld area free of grease, oil, paints, etc. prior to welding. Weld short beads not exceeding 50 mm at a time. Each bead should be peened when still hot. For large and heavy sections pre-heating of the job may be necessary. After the welding is completed, the castings should be covered completely with a layer of asbestos or dry lime until it attains room temperature.

Current Conditions : AC / DC(-)

Size (mm)

Dia x Length

Current Range (Amps)

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