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For Hard-Facing, Wear-facing or Overlay Applications


AC/DC Low heat input versatile electrode for depositing Chromium Carbide alloy to resist High Abrasion and impact along with mild corrosion.


LoTherme-605 is a hard surfacing electrode, operates well in all conventional positions. The deposited weld metal has exceptional abrasion wear resistance in combination with resistance to impact & mild corrosion. Evenly rippled, porosity free weld deposits permit heavy build-up without danger of cracking. In most cases LoTherme-605 can be used direct on the job without the necessity of depositing buffer layers.


LoTherme-605 core wire and flux formulation are so chosen as to make the electrode versatile in terms of surfacing applications on a large variety of machine parts, equipment, etc. Typical applications include surfacing Sugar Mill cane cutting knives, shredder & fibrizer hammers, anvil, chipper knives, conveyor bucket lips, shear blades, shovels dredger and elevator bucket lips rock crushers, rock drills, tractor grousers and paddlers. In crushing applications, LoTherme- 605 is recommended as the final layer on 14% manganese weld deposit to reduce the initial wear.

Typical Mechanical Properties Of All Weld Metal

Weld Metal Hardness : 55 - 60 HRC

Welding Technique

Ensure that the electrodes are perfectly dry before use. In case of moisture pick-up, redry the electrodes at 200°C for one hour before use. Clean the weld area free of any surface contamination. Hold a short arc length and weld with stringer beads.

Current Conditions : DC (±) /AC

Size (mm)
Current Range (Amps)