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Tubular Electrodes

LoTherme T-909

Tubular electrode deposited weld metal of complex carbide alloy with excellent abrasion resistance.


LoTherme-T 909 tubular electrode deposits weld metal of complex carbide alloy of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. It gives maximum resistance to course and fine grinding abrasion under moderate to heavy impact. With a steady arc and low spatter losses it gives dense and pores-less seams. It also gives high-temp wear resistance up to 500°C. It works very well with low currents, very less dilution, higher deposition rate and higher hardness can be achieved on single layer also.


Weld metal of LoTherme-T 909 provides severe abrasion on carbon steels, low alloy and other steels under moderate to heavy impact. Deposits polish on service. Typical applications include hammers, power shovels, conveyor screw fights, drag-chain buckets, rolling mill guides, ripper teeth, crushing equipments, bunker funnel, clinker hammers, hot air fans, mill plow blades, agricultural appliances, etc.

All Weld Metal Hardness

58 to 63 RC

Welding Technique

Clean the weld area free of any surface contaminations by grinding and wire brushing. Austenitic manganese steels should not be preheated.

Current Conditions : DC (±) /AC (70V)

Size (mm)
Current Range (Amps)