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Wear Plates

LoTherme WP-608

Wear Plate for resistance to metal wear, Heavy compressive loads, Impact with mild abrasion.

Characteristics And Applications

These are nearly crack free Wear plates. Very smooth in deposit suitable for metal to metal wear and abrasion. Suitable for use as liners where nearly crack free surface required. General liners used for resists above wear.

The Technical Details

ALLOY BASIS : C, Cr, W, V, Mo.

HARDNESS : 54 - 58 RC

Standard Available Sizes

Thickness Ranges (mm) : 8+4, 8+5, 8+6, 8+7, 8+8, 10+3, 10+4, 10+5,.......... in mm As per requirements

Plate Sizes : 3000 x 1000, 2000 x 1000 mm

                   : (2200 x 2200 - available on request)

Mounting    : Drilling, Nut Bolt, Plug Weld, Bendign Possible upto 150°R

Identification Mark

Name printed on the plates & punched on the base plates