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Wear Plates

LoTherme WP-611

Wear Plate for moderate abrasion and moderate impact & sliding wear

Characteristics And Applications

These have been developed to provide superlative Wear resistance on ferrous parts subject to high abrasion or erosion. Application includes Blow Bars, Screens, Grizzly Bars.

The Technical Details

ALLOY BASIS : C, Cr, Mn, Si, B

HARDNESS : 56 - 60 RC

Matrix - Austenitic & Martensitic

The Salient Features

1. It is chromium carbide wear plate, which has an even concentration of borides, which adds to life.

2. It is manufactured by CNC controlled processes that ensures dilution of only 5% on base plate thereby ensuring high concentration of carbides and better wear resistance.

3. Minimal dilution with base material due to rapid cooling of the alloyed smelting bath.

Standard Available Sizes

THICKNESS RANGES: 5+3, 6+3, 6+4, 6+6, 8+3, 8+4, 8+5, 8+6, 8+7, 8+8, 10+3, 10+4, 10+5,.......... in mm As per requirements

Plate Sizes : 2200 x 1000 mm (2200 x 2200 - available on request)

Identification Mark

Name printed on the plates & punched on the base plates.