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D&H Sécheron is one of the leading welding manufacturers in India. Incepted in 1966, D&H Sécheron is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company that offers a comprehensive range of welding solutions in the form of consumables, equipments, training and fabrication. We have been constantly challenging the status quo in the welding space with their state-of-the-art production facilities, engineering prowess and wide spread dealer network, thus, bringing forth the core values of Quality, Innovation and Import Substitution into existence.

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Quality Comes First

Quality Comes First

We offer Welding Consumables, with consistent quality, to satisfy the general and specified requirements of customers through continuous development of Products and Quality Systems.

Name of the Authority by whom certificate is issued:
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
Government of India – Ministry of Railways Research Designs & Standards Organization
Indian Standards Institution
Office of The Director of Boilers Madhya Pradesh – Indore
Indian Register of Shipping
American Bureau of Shipping
Det Norske Veritas
Bureau Veritas
Lloyd’s Register
Toyo Engineering India Limited


    1967 – Suprtherme: A superb E7018 class electrode unmatched in quality to date

    1969 – D&H 1200 T: Nickel base alloy electrode conforming to the AWS Classification ENiCrFe2

    1970 – Supratherme (Spl): For minus 50˚C used in fabrication of heavy water towers

    1971 – Supratherme-Ni: Approved and used by NPCIL for minus 46˚C (-50˚F) for thermal cooling shields

    1972 – Batox-B: Basic coated stainless steel electrode (AWS E308L) used in nuclear fabrication (dump tank)

    1973 – D&H 150: For welding HV9A stainless steel for phosphoric acid service

    1974 – Cromotherme-5: AWS Classification E8018-B6. Developed for service temperatures up to 600˚C for oil refineries

    1975 – D&H 1400: Developed and used for hardfacing of hot shearing blades in steel plants

    1976 – Supratherme- Ni (Spl): AWS E8018-G. Approved by engineers India Ltd.

    1977 – Rutox-F (U) and Batox-F (U): Fully austenitic stainless steel electrode

    1978 – LoTherme range of low heat input electrode for repair and maintenance welding in service industries to conserve precious materials and components

    1979 – Further developments in electrodes for urea service

    1980 – Electrodes with extra low hydrogen for welding under high relative humidity conditions

    1981 – Corotherme electrodes for welding weathering steels

    1983 – Special C-Mn steel electrodes with enhanced properties for heavy water project

    1985 – Electrode for welding high tensile Q&T steels

    1986 – Further developments in electrodes for Q&T steels for defence applications

    1987 – Special electrodes for defense applications

    1989 – Nitherme-3.5L: Electrode conforming to E7016-C2L for minus 101˚C applications

    1992 – Super-Mn: A specially formulated electrode depositing Mn steel weld metal

    1993 – Supratherme (Mod): An electrode conforming to GS-8 specifications of EIL for H2S service

    1994 – D&H 535: A surfacing electrode for building up hot forging dies

    1995 – Dietherme-HD: An electrode for surfacing forging hammer dies

    1996 – Abrotherme: A hardfacing electrode for thermal power plants

    1997 – Molytherme (Mod): A C-Mo electrode with good impact properties at sub-zero temperatures

    1998 – D&H25/10/4: For super duplex Stainless Steel welding with PREN≥40

    1999 – D&H 600: A hardfacing electrode ideal for resisting abrasion or heavy impact or both together

    2000 – Cromotherme-9(spl): An electrode for welding P-92 materialsr

    2001 – Norma-V: Medium coated rutile type all position electrode for welding mild steel

    2002 – D&H 444L-15: For welding ASTM-CA6NM casting and similar composition materials

    2003 – Supratherme-Spl (Mod): An electrode to meet HIC, SSCC and impact requirement in the as welded condition

    2004 – D&H 150L (Spl): Special electrode conforming to E383-16 classification

    2005 – D&H 672: Deposits high Nickel alloy containing Cr-W-Mo. Weld deposit resist hear and heavy impact

    2006 – Molytherme-Extra (Mod): A low hydrogen iron powder electrode with superior toughnesst

    2007 – D&H 953: Special hardfacing electrode for Nitrided dies

    2008 – Wear plate and complete full fledged automated job work, work shop established

    2009 – D&H 2209 (NS): Ideal for welding duplex Stainless Steel

    2010 – Indotherme Spl (Mod): A basic coated hydrogen controlled electrode

    2011 – Complete range of Tubular hard facing electrodes launched

    2012 – D&H 25/4: Weld metal has excellent performance in high temperature up to 1100˚C

    2013 – Cromotherme-94HR: It is used for welding similar composition plates, pipes, forging and tubes

    2014 – D&H 4130: It is a specially designed electrode to match the heat treating properties of SAE 4130 and 8630 materials

    2015 – Secheron 308Mo: Electrode displays good resistance to corrosion, cracking & scaling

    2016 – D&H NM-CI: Is the most economical for repairing various types of cast iron