CSR Policy

Being a socially responsible company, we staunchly believe in doing greater good to the society and nation as a whole. As a registered trust, we have undertaken key CSR initiatives that create social, environmental and economic impact adding overall value to varied strata of society.


(CIN U32101MH1965PTC164343)


(Approved by the Board of Directors on 29th March 2014)

Our Activities

For the purpose of the relief of the poor.

For the advancement and prorogation or education and learning

Grant or contributions for or towards the promotion of the welfare of orphans and poor children.

Promotion of health of poor, distressed, afflicted and mentally, physically or psychologically challenged.

Supplying and donating clothes, bed linen, fuel, tools, medical or other aid in sickness, food or other articles, in kind to the poor.

In helping people in times of floods, famines, earth quakes and in such other natural calamities, by way of lending money free of
interest, donations, etc. Arranging for residential accommodation and providing medical aid, food, clothes etc to such affected people.

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