About D&H Sécheron

D&H Sécheron is one of the leading welding consumables manufacturers in India.

Incepted in 1966, D&H Sécheron is an ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001:2015 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company that offers a comprehensive range of welding solutions in the form of consumables, equipment, training and fabrication. Quality, Innovation and Import substitution have been the three watchwords. This special distinction has been earned by D&H Sécheron by providing ‘Complete Welding Support’.

With its state of the art production facilities, a dedicated team of sales engineers and a widely spread dealer network, D&H Sécheron offers strong support and back up to all its customers.

D&H Sécheron has a deep rooted belief backed by experience that good quality machines produce some of the finest quality products. As a reinstatement of our belief we have always deployed world class production machines on our different shop floors.


D&H 1200 T: Nickel base alloy electrode conforming to the AWS classification ENICRFe2


D&H 45S special electrodes for welding of galvanizing tanks


Supratherme (SPL) for minus 50°C used in the fabrication of heavy water towers


D&H 1200 T: Nickel base alloy electrode conforming to the AWS classification ENICRFe2


Batox-D Basic coated Stainless Steel electrode conforming of the AWS classification E316L for liquid solution storage tanks


Cromotherme-9 AWS Classification E8018-B8 developed for and accepted by Engineers India Ltd, Haldia Refinery Project as the first indigenous electrode of its class


D&H 1200 T: Nickel base alloy electrode conforming to the AWS classification ENICRFe2


LoTherme range of low heat input electrode for repair and maintenance welding in several industries to conserve precious materials and components


Electrodes with extra low hydrogen (less than 3ml/100 gms) for welding under high relative humidity conditions


Corotherme electrodes for welding weathering steels


Tensal (SPL) an electrode conforming to E10018-D2 for welding of alloy steel castings


Supratherme (MOD) an electrode conforming to GS-8 specifications of EIL for H2S service. The weld metal possesses excellent resistance to SSCC and HIC


Cromotherme-9 (MOD) conforming to E9018-B9 classification for welding T91/P91 material


D&H 1260 an electrode conforming to ENiCrMo-6 for welding 9%Ni steel


D&H 444L-15 for welding ASTM-CA6NM casting and similar composition materials. The consumable is conforming to the E410NiMo-15 classification


Batox-B(N) a Stainless Steel electrode depositing 19Cr-10Ni-0.08N weld metal, which has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion


Wear plate and complete full-fledged automated job work, the workshop established


Cromotherme-9H4R it is used for welding similar composition plates, pipes, forging and tubes. Typical applications include welding of A387 Gr.9 plate, A335 P9 Pipe, A217 C12 castings, A213 T9 tubes


Batox-HP4ONb is a basic coated electrode, specially designed to match heat resistant cast alloys. It is also suitable for the Nb free alloys and leaner high carbon Cr-Ni alloys such as HK40, HT40 and IN519. Weld metal is not prone to sigma phase embrittlement and the presence of eutectic and secondary carbides provide excellent hot strength and creep resistance in the typical service temperature range 900-1100°C.

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