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The Sugar Industry is constantly faced with issues relating to wear & tear due to abrasion, impact, corrosion and friction. To achieve high performance, high productivity, low operation cost without disturbing the production operation is quite a task at hand. This can be achieved by reclamation & repair of plant components and that will not only prolong life but also minimize inventory and down time considerably.


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor

Recommended Electrodes

1 Tail Bar L.A. Steel Wear LoTherme OA-457S
2 Striking Bar Of Anvil Steel Wear LoTherme OA-457S
3 SS Condenser SS 316 Wear/Fab LoTherme-451
4 Cane Grabs C. Steel Wear LoTherme-603R
5 Cane Leveler Arms C. Steel Wear LoTherme-603R
6 Cane Loading Spikes C. Steel Wear LoTherme-603R
7 Cane Cutting knives C. Steel Wear LoTherme-611
8 Fibrizer C. Steel Wear LoTherme-602
9 Trash Beam Cast Iron Crack LoTherme-701
10 Trash Plate C. Steel Teeth Wear LoTherme-605
11 Scraper Plate C. Steel Teeth Wear LoTherme-605
12 Crusher Roller Steel/CI Wear Slip LoTherme-618S
13 Roller Pinion C. Steel Wear LoTherme-352
14 Square Coupling Steel/CI Wear LoTherme-602
15 Juice Ring Steel Wear LoTherme-660 G2
16 Juice Pump Cast Iron Wear LoTherme-703
17 Magma Pump Bronze Wear LoTherme-534
18 Centrifuge Shaft Alloy Steel Wear LoTherme-468
19 Sprocket Steel Wear LoTherme-603
20 Pump Shaft keys Steel Wear LoTherme-468
21 Brake Drum Cast Iron Wear LoTherme-703
22 Unknown Metal Steel Wear/Crack LoTherme-468
23 Turbine Casing Steel Crack LoTherme-468
24 Fibrizer C. Steel Wear LoTherme-605
25 Trash Beam Cast Iron Crack LoTherme-702
26 Roller Pinion C. Steel Wear LoTherme-602
27 Square Coupling Steel/CI Wear LoTherme-701
28 Square Coupling Steel/CI Wear LoTherme-703
29 Juice Ring Steel Wear LoTherme-603R
30 Striking Bar Of Anvil Steel Wear LoTherme-660 G2
31 Magma Pump Bronze Wear LoTherme-532
32 Magma Pump Bronze Wear LoTherme-533

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