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It is important to understand that the marine sector is plagued with intricate issues like seawater corrosion, temperature variations, metal fatigue and many others. Our latest technology however is well-equipped to minimize the wear and tear as well as the downtime that may occur to ensure smooth sailing of the vessels without any breakdowns


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor

Recommended Electrodes

1 Pump Impellers Steel/Bronze Corrosion/Abrasion LoTherme-533
2 Heat Exchange Tubes Nickel Alloys Corrosion LoTherme-512
3 Water Pump Housing Cast Iron Brosion/Corrosion LoTherme-705
4 Condensor Pipes Cu Nickel Alloys Corrosion LoTherme-512
5 Engine Blocks Cast Iron Impact LoTherme-703
6 Valve Seat Stainless Steel Heat/Impact LoTherme-606

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