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Being the largest Railway Network in the world, tracks, wagons and engines are prone to enormous wear & tear due to the continuous movement of freight and passengers trains. We recommend LoTherme that provides a complete solution in maintenance and repair which sustains and prolongs the life of rail components and prevents replacement costs.


S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor

Recommended Electrodes

1 Bearing Ends Copper Alloy - LoTherme-533
2 Roof Truss/Under Frames Alloy Steel/Carbon Steel - LoTherme-352
3 Crank Case Carbon Steel - LoTherme-352
4 Brake Equipment/lever/rods Carbon Steel - LoTherme-352
5 Exhaust Muffers & Mainfolds Alloy Steel - LoTherme-464
6 Rails Ends, Crossings Austenitic Manganese Steels - LoTherme-468
7 Diesel Valve High Temperature Steel - LoTherme-606
8 Cylinder Head Cast iron - LoTherme-703
9 Journal Box Manganese Steel - LoTherme-468
10 Loco Wheels Steel - LoTherme-468
11 Crane Case Cast iron - LoTherme-705
12 Machine Housings Cast iron - LoTherme-701
13 Exhaust Muffers & Mainfolds Alloy Steel - LoTherme-511N
14 Bearing Ends Copper Alloy - LoTherme-532
15 Machine Housings Cast iron - LoTherme-705

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