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The cement Industry has been one of the core industries contributing to industrial growth. Our decades of association with the Cement Industry have given us in depth knowledge of the need to save downtime and minimize inventory. This is a key factor in this highly competitive market. Our solutions will minimize the effect of wear & tear like Abrasion, Impact & Heat.

Cement Plants

S.No. Components Base metals Wear factor Recommended Electrodes
1Hammer (New)Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
2Hammer (Old)Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
3Jaw-Crusher Plate & Eccentric shaftAlloy SteelFriction
4Shovel bucket & lipMn.SteelAbrasion/Impact
5Toggle Bearing PlateMn.SteelAbrasion
6Idler,Guides & Track RollersCarbon SteelImpact/Friction
7SpocketsAlloy SteelFricyion/Impact
8Hammer Arms & ShaftsAlloy SteelFricyion/Impact
9Track Link & ShoesMn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
11Scooping - Liner PlatesM.S/Mn.SteelAbrasion
12Cylinder Mill-Teeth & Crusher BarAustentic/Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
13F.K Pump Shaft - BearingCarbon SteelFriction
14Mill Gear Drive PinionCast SteelFriction
15Mill Head/JournalCast SteelImpact
16Kiln TyreCast SteelFriction
17Girth - Gear Teeth (Broken Tooth) Girth Gear TeethCast SteelFatigue
18Girth Gear Drive PinionCast SteelFatigue/Friction
19Burner NozzleStainless steelHeat/Abrasion
20Clinker InletAlloy SteelHeat/Abrasion
21Cooler PlatesAlloy SteelHeat/Abrasion
22Lifting Arm & RollerMild SteelFriction
23Loco/Crane WheelsCast SteelFriction
24Elevator Rim/DrumMild SteelAbrasion
25Inlet Neck/BodyCast IronHeat/Abrasion
26Cylinder Block HeadCast IronImpact
27Crane GrabMild SteelAbrasion
28Drag Chain SprocketsCarbon SteelFriction
29Slurry Pump ShaftCarbon SteelCorrosion/Friction
30I.D. Fan BladesMild SteelFriction
31Coal Pipe BendsCast SteelAbrasion
32Pump HousingCast IronImpact
33Kiln-Support RollerCast IronFatigue/Friction
34Hammer (New)Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
35Hammer (Old)Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
36Hammer (Old)Mn.SteelImpact/Abrasion
37Jaw-Crusher Plate & Eccentric shaftAlloy SteelFriction
38Jaw-Crusher Plate & Eccentric shaftAlloy SteelFriction
39Shovel bucket & lipMn.SteelAbrasion/Impact
40SpocketsAlloy SteelFricyion/Impact
41Kiln TyreCast SteelFriction
42Girth - Gear Teeth (Broken Tooth) Girth Gear TeethCast SteelFatigue
43Girth Gear Drive PinionCast SteelFatigue/Friction
44Burner NozzleStainless steelHeat/Abrasion 1
45Burner NozzleStainless steelHeat/Abrasion 1
46Clinker InletAlloy SteelHeat/Abrasion
47Cooler PlatesAlloy SteelHeat/Abrasion
48Kiln-Support RollerCast IronFatigue/Friction

Case Study
Cement Lotherme
Tip Casting
Cement Lotherme
Kiln Shell Multy Crack At Tyre Place
Cement Lotherme
Lime Stone Crusher Rotor Hard Facing
Cement Lotherme
Cement Mill Diafram Gaps Worn Out.
Cement Lotherme
Coal Mill Vrm Grit Cone Assembly
Cement Lotherme
Reclaimer Liner Plates
Cement Lotherme
Excavetor Shovel Hoom Crack Repair Welding.
Cement Lotherme
Rebuilding of Teeth & Lip Area of Reclaimer Bucket
Cement Lotherme
Clinker Silo Bulk Loading Spout
Cement Lotherme
Clinker Breaker Disc India Cement
Cement Lotherme
Pump Housing Flang Repair.
Cement Lotherme
Ball Mill Head Extended Crack Repair
Cement Lotherme
Vrm Yoke Bearing Hub
Cement Lotherme
Cement Mill Shell Crack
Cement Lotherme
Buildup In Saddle Bar Of Ropeway Tower
Cement Lotherme
Shovel Bucket Coller Pin Hub Crack
Cement Lotherme
Calciner Dust Hopper Drag Chain Conveyer
Cement Lotherme
Cement Lotherme
LS Crusher Primary Impect ARM Repairing
Cement Lotherme
Stacker Roller
Cement Lotherme
Shovel Boom Crack Repair
Cement Lotherme
Reclaimer Chain Bucket
Cement Lotherme
Hard Facing Of Excavator Bucket
Cement Lotherme
Hard facing on Komatsu PC-600 Bucket
Cement Lotherme
Clinker Breaker Disc