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Indore, M.P.
Information Technology
23 March 2022
  1. Perform keyword research to identify top keywords and opportunities in focus areas – SEO.
  2. Search & recommend a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance brand and product reputation.
  3. Devising strategies to drive online traffic / create awareness / create engagement / drive leads / sales / conversions.
  4. Planning & executing Linkedin, Facebook & Instagram paid campaigns.
  5. Updating social media touch-points as per the SM strategy adopted.
  6. Managing online brands and promoting the company's products and services in the digital space.
  7. Creating and posting blog posts, articles, videos, company/product information on tech/trade sites.
  8. Reviewing and actively managing the website and other online assets and sources.
  9. Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.
  10. Create plans, calendars, reports and analyze the ROI of each digital marketing initiative.
  11. Ensuring efficient execution of our social media strategy to build and maintain a strong online presence.  
  12. Managing E-Commerce platforms.
  13. Managing inbound calls/ emails/ leads.
  14. Designs for social media post / ad / blogs / brochures / catalogues / emailers / hoardings / infographics.

We bring to the notice of all concerned that we i.e. D&H Sécheron have set up a merit based employee selection practice either privately or through the defined third-party agencies who are in-contract terms with us. We do not charge / accept any amount or security deposit from job seekers during the selection process or while inviting candidates for an interview.

We never guarantee a candidate for getting selected for the position as it totally depends on the candidate’s potential and the job requirements.

We have noticed that fake job offers in the name of D&H Sécheron have been circulated by some unauthorized persons / fraudsters. Some fraudsters are using the D&H Sécheron name to solicit job applications and require the job seekers / applicants to pay processing fees or deposit amount by sending false emails or by making fraudulent telephone calls. If any person receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication offering a job or an interview call from D&H Sécheron or securing a job at D&H Sécheron against payment of money, it is suggested not to respond.

We shall not accept any liability towards the representation made in any fraudulent communication or its consequences and such fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by D&H Sécheron. On receipt of an interview call for any job in D&H Sécheron, the candidate may take some measures such as visiting the official web site to get the contact details and enquire with the human resources department of D&H Sécheron about the interview details and other relevant information. For further information please write to us on info@dnhsecheron.net or call us at +919833550505

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