Welding in Automobile Industry

Published on 18 December 2021

3 min


The automobile industry plays an important role in India’s GDP growth, it directly accounts for 7% of it. When we speak about the automobile industry in the core we talk about all two-wheelers, three-wheelers, four-wheelers and heavy automotive such as buses, trucks, earthmovers, etc. Now if we talk about the welding industry, it helps to fabricate a lot of metal pieces in one go through an automatic welding process and manual welding process. 

Generally in the automobile manufacturing plants welding is done by robots which is known as a general practice today, the automation in the automotive industry in regards to welding began in the year 1967 because it is a safe & cost-effective way to deal with. 

The safety in the manufacturing area removed the human element from hazardous welding work due to which the welders stayed away from welding flash, noise, noise, chemicals & extreme heat. This automation process reduced the human stress from lifting, twisting and other repetitive motions. Due to this automation, it became easier to weld on the difficult areas without any error. Robot welding has proved to be a boon for the automobile industry.  

The robot welding or the automatic welding process saved a bulk of money and helped in doubling the production which is even growing more day by day. The labor cost dropped significantly, unlike humans robot welding can be done 24 by 7 without taking any break if the manufacturer has any requirements like that. In the robot welding process, the potential damage also gets reduced without any human error. 

The most common welding processes used by the automobile industry are gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and due to automated continuous welding process maximum Marathon Drum packing being used , gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW/TIG), friction welding, most common laser beam welding, etc. Most of the automobile giants are preferring automation in the welding area which is bringing change in several other industries as well. 

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