• LoTherme-468M

For Stainless Steels Alloys



A universal low heat input high strength, high alloy electrode for crack-free welds.


LoTherme-468M filler wire and flux material are so chosen that it is highly favourable for producing welds which have complete freedom from hazards of cracking on a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials including “difficult” steels. It operates in all conventional welding positions. Extremely low spatter. Easily detachable slag. Very smooth weld finish, which takes high polish.

Applications :

LoTherme-468M is ideally suited for high strength, crack-free welds and overlays subject to services under wear, friction, impact, heat and corrosion on mild carbon, low alloy, molybdenum-vanadium spring, tool and die, stainless “DIFFICULT” and dissimilar steels. Typical applications include welding on pressure vessels, salt water pipe lines, dies, tools, leaf and coil springs and similar parts and surfacing hot dies, points and crossing, gear teeth, forged shafts, earth moving equipment and machine parts. It is also ideal for use as a buffer layer prior to applying hardfacing alloys. It is suitable for rebuilding in construction and mining industries.

Typical Mechanical Properties of All Weld Metal

Ultimate Tensile Strength : 835 MPa

Elongation (L=4d) : 22%

Welding Technique :

Re-dry the electrode at about 125°C for one hour before use. Clean the weld area free from oil, grease, dirt or any other surface contamination. Hold a short arc. Do not weave the electrode. Weld with stringer beads. Intermittent welds may be necessary for welding high alloy and harden able steels. Peening will relieve internal stresses. For certain high alloy tool steels preheating is recommended.

Current Conditions : DC (+) / AC

Size (mm)

Dia x Length

Current Range (Amps)

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