Importance of Maintaining Welding Equipments

Published on 21 December 2021

3 min

In the 21st century, we have many industries located in India and in most of them we can find welding machines & equipment.  It is very necessary to do proper maintenance of machinery to give a long life, for example, if we assume the human body as machinery, we take proper care by eating food on time, doing exercise and taking work from it.

If we don’t take care of the body; like if we take only work from it, do not eat healthy food and don’t stretch the muscles then it can result in fatigue and lead to an unhealthy life. 

Let’s look into some of the tips for maintenance and care of welding machine:

  • Need to lubricate the bearings and the other moving parts if using the DC generator.

  • Need to check the brushes for wear regularly.

  • Ground connections, welding cables, and electrode holder should always be checked properly before the process. 

  • Bearings should never get overheated, if that is the case they should immediately be replaced. 

  • Springs and Brushes should be checked on a weekly basis.

  • Blow out the transformers with low-pressure blowers on a monthly basis to a quarterly basis.

  • Transformers supporting bolts and loose electrical joints should be tightened properly. 

  • Ventilation fans should be kept clean.

  • The condenser should get checked once in a quarter. 

  • All electrical connections should be checked for any defects. 

  • Inspect gas piping.

  • The hosepipe, pressure regulator and flash arrestor should be checked on a daily basis.

  • Avoid using lubricants in regulators in any way to connect the cylinder.

  • Most import thing, prior to welding make habit to check the Welding Cable along with the earthing cable to avoid any accident.

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