Why Do We Need Young Welders to Build New India?

Published on 21 July 2022

5 min

We Indians have a big dream where we are aiming to become self-reliant. In this process, we just do not need to provide formal education but also need to give some practical exposure to the students. An early introduction to the work environment is very important for the college grads where they can get practical experiences, bookish knowledge provides the base to the students but the practical exposure brings the understanding into how things get done and can identify what is correct and what needs to be changed. 


The same goes for the welding process, more than a million mechanical engineers graduate every year in India but how many of them actually got skills into them? To avoid this situation students must take up practical experiences or learn skills that can add more to their resume and we can get different types of welders who can perform various processes. 


Here at D&H Sécheron every year we have a graduate program where we train students about welding programs on the part of why we need welding, what the process of welding is, how welding helps in building our nation and what new things can be done in the process? When these questions arise we look towards our new generation and technological up-gradation seems the answer to it. 


The welding process is used mostly everywhere from making benches for the school to the making of space rockets, the mig welding jobs & arc welding jobs are easy to get as many industries require welders who are specialized in these. Once a new mechanical engineer grad has enough experience in welding, he/she can work in any manufacturing line where there are ample career opportunities in the manufacturing industry where welding is needed for small to big parts. Welding is not an easy process to learn. It takes years to master any position to weld and once the student gets exposure to it, he/she can have enough experience and have a good career in the welding industry.

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