What is Flux Cored Wire?

Published on 18 December 2021

3 min

Flux-cored wires are known for the best performance and high-quality welds in the shipbuilding, construction area, manufacturing area, etc. flux-cored wire is a type of welding consumable where the flux is filled inside the wire which helps in protecting the weld area from atmospheric gases. There are two types of flux-cored wires one doesn’t need any shielding gas and the other one needs the shielding gas.


Let’s discuss the Flux-cored wire which doesn’t require any shielding gas: this type of wire is capable of producing its own shield gas when the arc is generated and is better off any remote application as it is portable. The flux-cored wire which doesn’t need any protective gas tends to produce high spatter and smoke, but it provides good impact and toughness at the lower temperature. It is a continuously fed wire which means it does not require quick changeovers. Most common name is OPEN ARC WIRE which are mostly use for Hard surfacing applications. 



Gas shielded flux cored wire requires an additional external layer of protection from atmospheric contamination, this shielding gas is a mixture of argon and carbon dioxide or pure carbon dioxide. This wire is easier to control and gives a pleasing quality weld which is generally used in shop settings. An interesting fact about the gas shielded flux cored wire is that it is generally performed indoors so that shielding gas doesn’t just blow away if in any case this process is required to perform outdoor a tent is required.


This type of wire helps to enhance the productivity with maximum deposition rate, as it fabricates the joints in remarkably less time inout-of-position applications. The welder should always follow the procedure and parameters for the flux-cored wire. If the welder uses the proper techniques and operations it will definitely lead to quality weld and also help in reducing the cost and increasing productivity.


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