Maintenance Guide for SMAW Welding Equipment.

Published on 26 April 2022

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Maintenance Guide for SMAW Welding Consumables and Equipment.


A general assumption about the welding process is to join two metal pieces that can last for decades in short making the welds stronger that can withstand the highest, lowest temperatures as well as harsh conditions. This statement is correct but there are some points that we need to take into consideration in the storage of welding equipment and welding consumables, let’s discuss them in detail.

How to take care of welding electrodes?

Welding electrodes are used in the shielded metal arc welding process (SMAW), in this process majorly things are dependent upon electrodes. Every electrode is different from each other it all depends upon the type of metals, applications, etc. Electrodes should always be kept in a dry and ventilated place; it is because to prevent electrodes from moisture which can condense it, electrodes should be stored in a dry place only. Ideally, the electrodes or welding consumables should be kept above 10 degrees celsius than the room temperature. 

The original packaging of D&H Sécheron ensures that the consumables storage time should be long enough. Here at the manufacturing plant the consumables are sealed packs (according to the customer’s requirement) which rule out the need for drying, however, if necessary the electrodes must be re-dried according to the guidelines mentioned in our product specifications.

How to take good care of welding machinery?

It is very important to take care of welding machinery because it can cost up to lakhs of rupees.  In order to avoid any unfavorable situations, a few measures can be taken by the welder or engineers like, lubricating the bearing & every movable part of the machines, checking the brushes for wear, welding electrode holders should be checked regularly, checking bearings for overheating, checking all electrical connections for any faults, etc.  

By following these precautions welders can maintain the welding equipment and tools and can take the best use of consumables. It can help welders to grow more customer base by providing quality welds and can provide more boost to the industry. 

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