For Hard-Facing, Wear-facing or Overlay Applications

LoTherme - 688



Electrode designed for die rebuilding & surfacing for extra tough hot & cold working tools.
LoTherme-688 have balanced chemical composition contain with Cr - Ni - Mo and V. It is designed for surfacing / cladding of a trimming dies and tools. The consumables have very good welder appeal and easy slag detachability. It is free from cracks, porosities and any other surface defects. Up to 10 pass build-ups without weld cracking. Ability to resist shock and abrasion.

Applications :

LoTherme-688 is suitable for hot & cold work trimmers, repair and reclamation of tools and dies.

Weld Metal Hardness (on 3 layers):

As Welded: 54-57 HRC


Microstructure consists of partially tempered martensite with carbides and some retained austenite.

Welding Techniques:

Re-dry the electrodes at 250- 300°C for One hour. When welding hardenable steels of large thickness, adequate care for preheating, slow cooling & post weld heat treatment are recommended for best results. Pre-heat heavy thickness jobs up to 600°C and maintain this while welding, with short arc, along with peening after every pass is necessary. After welding, cool in still air up to 200°C.

Electrical Characteristics : DC (+)

Size (mm) Dia x Length

6.3 x 350 5 x 350 4 x 350 3.15 x 350
Current Range (Amps) 250-280 200-250 150-180 100-140
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