A Guide To Understanding LoTherme Welding Electrode

Published on 22 December 2021

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What are the LoTherme Range Welding Consumables?

Effective maintenance and repair of machines and equipment are essential for the efficient operation of industries. Welding here plays a major role in this repair and maintenance process. From small businesses to large scale industries, all of them rely on the core of welding processes. Unlike the common assumption, welding is not just a part of the manufacturing stages of machines but also is used to mend broken or worn-out parts in the course of its usage. Industries save a huge amount of expenditure by simply fixing these machines by welding them instead of completely replacing them. Wear of machines is often caused by mechanical means like friction, abrasion and impact in case of relative movement between the parts in contact with each other.

LoTherme welding electrodes are a vital part of the repair and maintenance process. LoTherme electrodes are specially designed for low heat input welding. As we know, the composition and metallurgical state of a base material affect the outcome of the deposited weld metal. The first layer here gets diluted with the base material. Other factors such as the carbon content and other alloying elements too can amplify the effect on the first layer. Moreover, there is always a risk of damage to the structure of the machine/parts near the heat-affected zone. This is where LoTherme low heat input electrodes take the limelight. LoTherme electrode, with the advanced design of flux coating, ensures welding at low currents, low arc voltage and short arc length ensure the low HAZ .

Advantages of using LoTherme low heat input electrodes:

  1. Welding, as a process itself, is a lot more than just being used for emergency repairs or build-up of worn-out parts. Welding is not a temporary job and with the use of LoTherme welding electrodes, it has been observed in many cases that the parts of a machine perform better than the original ones. This helps in saving the manufacturer's time as well as money.

  2. With LoTherme welding you can experience reduced carbon and other detrimental elements’ pickup from the base material.

  3. The process also minimizes the impact on the surface of the base material adjacent to the heat-affected zone.

  4. It reduces the cracking tendency of hard surfaces that may be caused due to thermal shock.

  5. Saves more with the reduced consumption of consumables.

Precautions to be taken in order to obtain the best results:

  1. Clean the area to be welded thoroughly off rust, scale, paint, oil, grease and other contaminants.

  2. Use the lowest possible current and short arc.

  3. Store the electrodes in moisture-proof and shock-proof high-density polythene containers.

Choosing the right LoTherme consumable for maintenance welding:

The selection of electrodes is a crucial step in obtaining the best welding results. Two major factors that determined the selection of consumables are- the type of base material and the expected result.

For example, LoTherme 457 is used in welding heavy joints of manganese steel material. This welding displays excellent resistance to impact in combination with corrosion resistance.

On the other hand, LoTherme 468 is used as a high alloy electrode with high strength for crack-free welds and overlays on steel.

Each LoTherme consumable is developed after a thorough study of the changing requirements of applications and the need for today’s machinery. We hope this guide helped you to simplify the concept of LoTherm welding range. To know more about the world of welding, reach out to us today.

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