Understand Importance of the Welding Industry

Published on 21 December 2021

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It is a common misconception that welding is an unimportant industry. This under-estimation by the world for an industry is so omnipresent that is quite silly. No, we are not being obnoxious! Welding truly is present wherever you look.

The chair you are sitting on, unless wooden, has been created with the help of welding consumables. The airplane you are looking at from your office window, needed welding materials to be the structure that it is! And oh, same goes for the office windows!

Now, of course we understand why this misconception of an entire and vast industry exists. It is solely because: one, it is not noticeable or in-your-face and two, it isn’t spoken of or advertised vastly. Basically, the world lacks awareness about welding, welding consumables, welding materials, welding electrodes and everything else that welding encompasses!

Which is exactly why we are here and what we will change with this blog.

Like mentioned above in the article, if you see more than one block of metal in an object, small or ginormous (like a bridge), it can be, and has, been welded. With that said, it becomes clearer and clearer with each object one observes, how ubiquitous welding and its consumables actually are.

All these facts imply one thing that is certain, welding drives the economy! It is the engine oil to the world’s engine. There are many welding machine manufacturers who produce welding materials and welding consumables which is ultimately giving birth to a lot of job opportunities that are often left unexplored.

The career opportunities in the welding industry are vast and promising. However, it is meant for people who like working with more manual tasks or like getting their hands dirty. If you are more of an ideas guy, you could probably still find your place in innovation in welding.

Let’s name a few industries just so you get a fair idea of just how all-encompassing welding is. Some of these industries we have been speaking of are:

  • Infrastructure

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Agricultural & Natural Resources

  • Industrial

It goes without saying, these are more than enough examples of why you should go ahead and start learning more about welding. Of course, one has to be professionally trained to understand welding, welding consumables, welding electrodes, welding material, welding machine manufacturers and how do they function?

Over and above these above mentioned positives, there are many kinds of welding. There is arc welding, which is done by using welding electrodes. Then there are other ways like Metal inert gas welding or MIG welding/GMAW and SMAW, whose full-forms you will get to know once you start exploring welding and learning it academically as well as professionally, or if you follow our blogs!

Let’s now move to another conversation, where  are the women in the welding industry? While women haven’t always been the face of the welding industry, which can be changed. To improve the sex ratio in the industry, one can actively promote women in their advertising and marketing or even to perform welding process. Since welding is omnipresent, it is open to people of all genders with open arms!

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