Pune Metro project from Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar through DBFOT

Published on 22 August 2023

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D&H Sécheron and the Pune Metro project through DBFOT

Pune, the cultural and educational capital of Maharashtra is making the commute easier and more accessible for its people. The ‘Queen of Deccan’ has 516.18 sq. km. under its municipality, PMC, as opposed to the BMC which overlooks 440 sq. km. area.

The vastness of the city demanded a metro, leading to the development of 3 lines. Of course, such systems are ever-evolving and incorporating newer requirements. 

  • Line 1 goes from PCMC - Swargate

  • Line 2 from Vanaz - Ramwadi

  • Line 3 from Hinjewadi - Shivajinagar

As parts of the project become operational, the 23 km Hinjewadi-Shivaji Nagar metro line is set to be fully operational by April 2025.

The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation Limited or Maha-Metro is working on the metro line under the DBFOT model issued by the Indian Ministry of Railways. The DBFOT model concession agreement stands for Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer. Under this, the Ministry of Railways works jointly on the project with the other party, Maha-Metro in this case.

For such large-scale projects, tonnes and tonnes of steel are used to achieve the goals. For the Pune Metro Project, SAIL, or Steel Authority of India Limited, has supplied 8,800 tonnes of steel. The usage of steel is common in metro construction, as you can also find in the Mumbai Metro.

Steel is typically used in large quantities for large-scale projects because of its strength, its ability to retain shape, volume, and the fact that it requires low maintenance as compared to other metals.

One must make note of the point that the welding of the steel is what adds to the strength of the final outcome. The quality of the welding, in turn, is impacted by the quality of the welding consumables used.

D&H Sécheron has proudly been the welding consumables partner for the Pune Metro Project. Being India’s leading welding consumable manufacturer, D&H Sécheron continues to provide complete welding support. The welding electrodes supplied for this project are Norma and Supratherme. 

Let us get to know more about both welding electrodes.


Norma is a mild steel electrode that can be used in all welding positions. It has commonly been used for sheet metal work, welding mild steel structures, wagons, rail coaches, ships, storage tanks, etc.

Norma is a medium-coated electrode that has been designed according to the AWS- E6013. Ideal to work with different mild steel structures, it provides strength, sturdiness, and a clean weld. These characteristics can be observed in the welding across the Pune Metro.


Supratherme is an iron powder, heavy-coated, low hydrogen-type electrode. It is a 7018 electrode made of medium and high tensile steel. Supratherme is an ideal choice for heavy structures which experience dynamic loading, making it the perfect choice for the Pune Metro.

Supratherme produces ductile and tough welds of radiographic quality and has been used to weld highly restrained joints, wagons, penstocks, coaches, pressure vessels, boilers, earthmoving machines, etc.

As the construction of the Hinjewadi-Shivajinagar line of Pune Metro gains momentum, we are constantly reminded of the importance of the welding industry. So many superstructures are created to be modern marvels with the invisible support of welding.

For more details about welding, welding consumables, and the world of welding in general, visit the website of D&H Sécheron.

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