Accomplishments Of D&H Sécheron In The World Of Welding

Published on 23 December 2021

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D&H Sécheron changed the face of the Indian welding manufacturing industry. From its inception in 1966, D&H Sécheron started rolling out products like Supratherme, Norma, etc. products that has created a huge impact in the industry. We have been a leading welding material manufacturers in India ever since.

D&H Sécheron is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company. Where we offer a wide range of welding material and equipment, which includes, welding electrodes, welding consumables, other machines required for welding.

With innovation and quality at heart, we have been rolling out products continuously since 1966. One of our first products, Supratherme was launched in 1967 and still remains a product of such high quality that no other electrode has replaced it! We keep on producing newer and modified electrodes of the same range, but for different purposes. These include Supratherm (Spl) which was launched in 1970 and is meant for  -50°C and in fabrication of heavy water towers.

The very next year Supratherme-Ni was rolled out which is widely used for thermal cooling shields. In 1976, a variant of the same, called Supratherme-Ni (Spl) was rolled out and approved by Engineers India Ltd. for temperatures down to -60°C. It is used to weld crude oil storage tanks. Other Supratherme welding electrodes are Supratherme(Mod), Supratherme-Spl (Mod) launched in 2003, Supratherme (Spl) CT which rolled out in 2012 and the latest variant came out in 2018, which is Supratherme-NM(Mod)H4R.

Other such ranges of products are LoTherme, Cromotherme, Batox and Rutox ranges. Some of the earliest products of these ranges that set a benchmark in the welding industry are -

  • Rutox-F: Stainless steel electrode matching AWS classification E316L-16 with ferrite below 2 percent in fertilizer industry.

  • Batox-B: Basic coated stainless steel electrode that conforms to the AWS classification E308L-15. It is used for Liquid solution storage tanks.

  • Cromotherme-9: It was the first indigenous electrode of its class. It was developed for as well as accepted with the title by Engineers India Ltd., Haldia refinery project.

  • LoTherme range of low heat input electrodes are ideal for repair and maintenance welding.

It is safe to say that with each product, D&H Sécheron reaches a step closer to a vision of being an ‘Undisputed Global Leader’ and a ‘Trendsetter’ in the welding consumables manufacturing industry.

The infamous Bogibeel bridge, which spans across the Brahmaputra and is a rail-cum-road bridge, was a daunting and unbelievably difficult project to finish. Among the other key players, D&H Sécheron had played a huge role in it, by supplying welding equipment for the project. Having supplied welding materials to more such national-level as well as international-level products is a testimonial to the accomplishments of D&H Sécheron in the world of welding.

The Independent R&D center recognized by the Department of Science and Technology of “The Govt. of India” in 1979,Hence the research and development work, have always been given prime importance on a regular basis.

We have covered over 20 countries and have catered to over 30 industries in the span of just 50 years. The welding machine manufacturers in India grew so much so fast that we are now an organization of 500 plus employees!

Another testimonial to their accomplishments in the field of welding as well as the consistent quality of our welding products are the list of authorities by whom they have gotten certifications. These are:

  • Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited

  • Government of India – Ministry of Railways Research Designs & Standards Organization

  • Indian Standards Institution

  • Office of The Director of Boilers Madhya Pradesh – Indore

  • Indian Register of Shipping

  • American Bureau of Shipping

  • Det Norske Veritas

  • Bureau Veritas

  • Lloyd’s Register

  • Toyo Engineering India Limited

This exhaustive list of authorities to have given them certifications are from the highest standards in India as well as globally, which a welding enthusiast or a person with skin in the welding industry will be well aware of.

Along with quality and innovation, another core value that D&H Sécheron offers is that of our products being sustainable and belonging to a diverse and comprehensive range. 

Be it welding electrodes, welding wires or inverters, you’d be sure to find the perfect fit for your welding requirements and project. You can check out their list of products on D&H Sécheron and read more about our mission and vision along with the wide array of applications of their products.

With more and more milestones being written for D&H Sécheron India with each passing year, we are ready to lead the welding industry in the country and spread out globally too!

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