Specification & Applications for Norma range

Published on 19 November 2021

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D&H Secheron has paved the path for welding consumables, welding electrodes and welding material in general, in India. We are one of the leading welding electrodes manufacturers all over the country. Started in 1966, we offer a wide range of welding material: from SMAW electrodes to other welding machines like inverters, we have everything for your welding needs.

With the consistent quality of our products, we have ruled over our customers’ hearts. One such example of our products is the Norma range.

Norma is a medium coated rutile type electrode for Mild Steel welding. The applications are in a variety of fields like rail coaches, wagons, storage tanks, ships, sheet metal work, etc. After Norma came Norma-V and Norma-X.

Released in 2001, Norma-V has been performing wonderfully in the medium-coated electrode sector.

Norma-V has been made for low carbon and mild structural steels. Which means that it is ideally used for these types of metal. A low carbon steel is a type of steel which has as little as 0.05% to 0.3% carbon in it. This makes the steel a lot more malleable and ductile, that is, its ability to turn into sheets and wires is increased. In other words, it can be welded with a lot more ease. Similarly, mild structural steels are also in the economic category making these two commonly used in welding.

Norma-V makes for the perfect welding electrode to weld these types of steel. The weld created by using a Norma-V electrode is of radiographic quality. The welding electrode works with a quiet arc and deposits a smooth bead with fine ripples, i.e. the filler metal doesn’t leave a lot of slag or residue. Even the little slag that is created, is easily removable or detachable.

Along with easily detachable slag, it produces very minimum spatter. Spatter is exactly what it sounds like. It is the splashed portion of molten metal around or even away from the weld. Norma-V is a welding rod with good striking as well as re-striking qualities among its other qualities and characteristics.

It can be easily operated in all positions, including vertical down. It works really well under low OCV or Open Circuit Voltage transformers. This kind of a transformer initiates the arc a lot smoother and better and overpowers any other characteristics of the transformer for welding purposes.

The usual applications for the Norma-V welding electrode includes welding of steel structures, tanks, truck frames and bodies, machinery construction, auto bodies, frames, pipes and any other structure that include low carbon and mild structural steels.

Other than Norma-V, the Norma range has Norma-X. Norma-X is a medium coated rutile type electrode. It is useful for general fabrication, and maintenance work in Mild Steel. The flux coating is so controlled that the electrode provides excellent performance in all welding positions. The weld metal is ductile and presents good mechanical properties with consistent quality.

Norma-X is being used where X-Ray quality welds are required. It is suitable for welding of structures like bus body building, automobile bodies, pipes as well as other general mild steel applications. We have acquired customers like Afcon, Ultratech Cement, etc. who swear by the electrode.

For each type of welding need, we offer a specific kind of welding material and welding electrodes, so that the process is done in the best possible way and the weld comes out nothing short of perfect.

To explore our range of products and to find the perfect welding consumables and welding material for your project, you can head to our website. Having led the welding industry in India for over 50 years, our products will not just meet your needs but will be one of the best quality welding materials out there in the industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get a head start on your upcoming welding project and choose the best welding material among the best!

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