Supratherme: Types & Application

Published on 23 December 2021

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Established in 1966, D&H Secheron’s journey of producing welding material has been a flagbearer to the quality of welding consumables and welding electrodes in India. Our range of products is wide and one can find the welding material they need for different types of welding processes, from SMAW welding material to GMAW to different welding machinery like inverters, we have it all to meet your welding requirements.

One of our very first electrodes, Supratherme was released in the market in 1966. It is a superb electrode that has remained unmatched in quality till today. This welding electrode is a heavy coated, iron powder type consumable. Supratherme is a really versatile welding electrodes with a 115% metal recovery rate. It is being used where dynamic loading is more intense, like, heavy Carbon Steel Structures.

Supratherme, over the years, has evolved into a range of products. It has many types within itself. Let’s go over them one by one-

  1. Supratherme (SPL)
    Released in 1970, it is an iron powder and low hydrogen type electrode. Specially developed Supratherme electrode produces welds of radiographic quality and has a remarkable impact strength even at -50°C. The weld so produced is also ductile and tough for heavy and rigid structures, carbon steels, heavy water towers, steel sensitive to hydrogen embrittlement and pressure vessels and equipment subjected to severe stress. It is approved by Godrej and L&T where higher impact strength is required.

  2. Supratherme (SPL) H4R
    This electrode under the Supratherme category has low hydrogen, is vacuum packed and can be used directly without redrying. It is a moisture resistant hydrogen controlled basic coated electrode and produces tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality. Supratherme (SPL) H4R used to weld  boilers, pressure vessels and medium carbon steels. With low levels of impurities, it has unique properties that lend to a clean weld.

  3. Supratherme (SPL) MOD
    It is a modified version of the previous electrode. It is a basic iron powder coated, high yield and hydrogen-controlled electrode. Easily used in all conventional welding positions, the welds created are also of radiographic quality with magnificent cracking resistance. These electrodes are ideal for welding carbon steels that are used as equipment for heavy dynamic load, impact and severe service conditions in the gas industry. It has an additional property that meets NACE standards for corrosion control and has met SSCC & HIC corrosion tests. The customers for this electrode are mainly refineries like HPCL, BPCL, ONGC, Onshore and more.

  4. Supratherme-Ni
    Launched in 1971, this electrode is approved and used by NPCIL or Nuclear Power Corporation of India for thermal cooling shields at -46°C. It is a low hydrogen, iron powder type electrode that yields a 0.5 % Nickel or Ni (thus the name) in the weld metal. This welding rod is ideal for welding fine grained steels that require good impact strength at sub-zero levels, going down till -50°C.

  5. Supratherme-Ni (SPL)
    Launched in 1976, this welding electrode is approved by Engineers India Ltd. and comes under the category of AWS E8018-G type electrode. A variant of the above mentioned electrode, this too is a basic iron powder coated and low hydrogen electrode. However, this one yields a weld metal containing 1.5% Manganese (Mn) and 0.7% Nickel (Ni). Optimum for welding heavy sections of fine-grained high strength steels, it produces excellent quality welds; even for steels used for low temperature service, down to -60°C.

  6. Supratherme-Ni (SPL) MOD
    This particular variant of Supratherme-Ni came out in 2003 and has been made such to meet HIC, SSCC and impact requirements. Its basic iron powder coating and low hydrogen quality is similar to the previous two variants of Supratherme-Ni. What is different is that it yields a 1.0% Nickel in the weld metal. Producing extremely high quality welds with excellent high cracking resistance, this is an ideal electrode fine-grained steels used in highly restrained joints subjected to dynamics like pressure vessels, tanks and spheres.

You must have realised by now that all iron powder coated and low hydrogen electrodes, are  different and produce X-ray quality of weld for different kinds of applications. You can explore all the other range and buy the ones that meet your requirement, from the leading welding electrode manufacturers in India,D&H Sécheron Electrodes Pvt. Ltd.

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